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Ep 557: The Complexity of Talent Acquisition

When discussing talent market challenges and recruiting technology trends, we often refer to talent acquisition as a homogeneous activity with common challenges and processes. However, many organisations have highly complex hiring operations that deal with challenges that can be as unique as the employers themselves. My guest this week is […]

Ep 554: Perfect Business Storytelling

Regular listeners will know just how essential I believe it is for talent acquisition to learn the art and science of storytelling. Being able to craft stories that resonate isn’t just part of effective recruitment marketing; it is vital to building internal stakeholder engagement and developing more influence to move […]

Do This! Not That. Employer Branding Tips During a Pandemic

Jim Stroud examines the way companies are treating their workers during this Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Some enterprises are severely damaging their employer brand by the way they are laying off their staff whereas others, are going above and beyond to do all they can for their workers. Companies featured in […]