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Episode 39 – When You Don’t Know the Law, Ask Google!

Since I’m a small employer, I can totally discriminate against people, right?  Not so fast!  Marc and Dennis talk about the importance of location, location, location when it comes to employment law compliance. Our first advertisement!  (We just need to collect our bill, and we’ll be rolling in dough). And, […]

Brenda Diederichs: Public Sector Versus Private Sector – Startups!

We put on the gloves in an epic showdown of today’s episode, to settle the differences and find out the better career option.  The 3 rounds for the undisputed championship: Round 1: Brenda – bashes up the logic behind joining a startup Round 2: Rick – negatives of the public […]

Nicole Arvizu: Human Resources VS. Recruiting. Who Will Come Out Victorious

We are putting on the gloves in an epic showdown today. Answering the age-old question of Why we can’t just get along.  3 rounds for the undisputed Podcast championship: Round 1: What Human Resources dislikes about Talent Acquisition Round 2: Recruiting issues with HR Round 3: Solutions to get the […]