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Ep 477: Innovation In Hourly Hiring

Hourly hiring remains challenging for many employers, and despite the worsening economic outlook, it will likely remain a huge challenge for several years to come. So what innovations are we seeing in how employers approach hourly hiring and in the technology they are using? What does good look like now, […]

Ep 476: Digital Talent At Pepsico

With high-profile layoffs in some large technology companies, it is perhaps easy to forget that digital transformation is still driving a massive need for tech talent in employers all over the world. Despite the current economic headwinds, long-term trends are in play that require specific operating and employer brand strategies, […]

Ep 467: Automation & Personalization

Anyone who has seen me speak this year knows that I consider personalization the next big trend in talent acquisition. If they get their strategies right, the rapid growth in automation technologies allows employers to offer a bespoke candidate experience at scale. So which employers are doing this well, and […]