Tag: recruiting automation

Ep 519: Recruiterless Recruiting?

I recently hosted a webinar on the future of talent acquisition and asked the audience to consider this question. Will there ever be as many recruiters again as there were in August 2022? The arrival of universally available generative AI and a harsh economic climate has caused the perfect storm […]

Ep 507: Skills Based Hiring In Early Careers

We live in rapidly changing times, and it is increasingly difficult for employers to anticipate how the roles in their business will develop. An ageing workforce is a further complicated factor. The growing consensus is that a skills-based approach to early careers recruiting could give employers the flexibility they need […]

Ep 504: The Future Of Video Interviewing

In 2013, I wrote a report on the future of asynchronous video interviewing; while a few employers were experimenting with it, there was widespread scepticism about its usefulness and longevity. Fast forward ten years, and we are literally living in a different world. Post-pandemic video now sits at the centre […]