Tag: Recruiting Technology

Ep 394: Lessons From Startups

Although I’ve tended to work with very large enterprise businesses as a consultant, I’ve always been fascinated by startups and the lessons larger, more established companies can learn from them. Although the actual execution will always be different, I think there are some real insights around how smaller, more agile […]

Ep 392: Leveraging Recruiting Technology

Talent Acquisition is having to evolve at speeds we have never seen before, and recruiting technology is playing a central role in enabling this transformation. However, the recruiting technology ecosystem has never been more complicated and confusing. Building an effective tech stack can be challenging. My guest this week has […]

Ep 390: Strategic AI

As I mentioned in the previous episode, with recruiting evolving so quickly, I will be dedicating a lot of time on the podcast to providing deep dives into how AI and Automation are being deployed to solve real life recruiting challenges. Conversational AI is a big topic at the moment, […]

Ep 389: Automated Sourcing

Recruiting Automation is finally moving from a theoretical concept to pragmatic reality. A combination of the unique pressures talent acquisition is currently under and some quantum leaps forward in technology means automation is becoming a smart solution for an increasing number of employers. However, I know that this currently throws […]

Ep 388: Candidates In Control

Challenging talent markets and the increasing adoption of AI-driven technology are driving a revolution in recruiting. We now see recruiting automation happening in many ways, and it’s becoming clear that talent acquisition is changing forever. So how can employers use AI and automation technology to benefit recruiters and hiring managers […]

Ep 386: Future Talent Acquisition Trends

As I say in pretty much every interview on the podcast, predicting the future accurately is impossible. However, identifying and tracking the trends that will shape the future is not just possible; it is essential for any kind of strategic approach to talent acquisition. It’s very clear that we are […]

Ep 381: People First Automation

Recruiting automation via conversational AI is proving to be an effective way to help solve some of the unique challenges in today’s talent markets. But how are employers actually using it, what benefits are they getting, and how do they manage the balance between humans and machines. My guest this […]

Ep 380: Transformational Hiring

Digital transformation is currently one of the fundamental drivers of talent strategy for many organizations. Ensuring your company has the right balance of skills is a complex task involving talent acquisition, L&D, retention, internal mobility and an effective HR and Recruiting tech stack. So how are employers managing the complexity […]