Tag: Recruiting Technology

Ep 492: AI & Automation Strategies

With the relentless coverage, comment and discussion around ChatGPT, it finally feels that there is a mainstream realization of the capability and impact of AI and automation. However, while Twitter threads, conference presentations and webinars are great for building awareness, there is no discussion on the complexities of implementing AI […]

Ep 489: The Personalization Megatrend

Anyone who has listened to the show, read any of my writing or seen me present this year will know that I firmly believe that technology-driven personalization is a forthcoming megatrend in talent acquisition. Earlier in the year, it was a pleasure to speak about personalization at the Association of […]

Ep 485: What Will Replace Resumes?

The death of the resume has long been predicted. It is widely acknowledged that they are ineffective and prone to promoting bias, but alternative approaches have yet to achieve universal adoption. However, with many employers moving towards skills and competency-based hiring and technology continuing to drive rapid change in recruiting, […]

Ep 482: The Fluid Workforce

The debate around the office versus remote versus hybrid looks set to run and run as employers continue to experiment with different strategies. Despite the enormous advantages of remote working, there are many challenges and gaps with some current approaches that need addressing as we move forward. So what are […]

Ep 477: Innovation In Hourly Hiring

Hourly hiring remains challenging for many employers, and despite the worsening economic outlook, it will likely remain a huge challenge for several years to come. So what innovations are we seeing in how employers approach hourly hiring and in the technology they are using? What does good look like now, […]

Ep 472: Inclusive Assessment

As the move towards skills-based hiring intensifies, the role of assessment tools is becoming increasingly important. As employers focus on being more inclusive, it is critical to understand how the science behind assessment tools works to support this. My guest this week is Kristin Allen, Senior Manager of Psychometrics at […]

Ep 471: Employer Brand Challenges

A volatile talent acquisition market and the immense disruption we are seeing to traditional ways of working our driving significant changes in employer branding strategies. Culture, EVP and employer brand marketing are going through a period of intense evolution, and it is essential to understand what’s happening in this space. […]