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Bringing Recruitment and Marketing Together

Why is important to bring recruitment and marketing together? To lead the future of talent acquisition. We’re with Lori Sylvia, the Founder & CEO of Rally Recruitment Marketing, who runs a new online community forum where the best ideas in recruitment marketing are learned and shared. Rally mentors include our friends […]

How Groupon Does Employer Branding

We’re with a Chicago-based tech company that has been through the peaks and troughs of business and now competing for the best talent with the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook. James Ellis is the Global Head of Employment Brand at Groupon. He is responsible for the global employer brand and […]

Why Good Recruitment Marketing Starts with Listening

Where do you start with recruitment marketing? According to Three Ears Media’s Katrina Kibben, effective recruitment marketing always begins with listening. In this episode, Katrina shares her take on employer brand vs. recruitment marketing, best practice in recruitment communications, tips & tricks around job descriptions, application processes, understanding what candidates want and much […]

How Dell Manages a Global Employer Brand Function

Jennifer Newbill is the Director Global Employment Brand at Dell, and has a relentless focus on consistent candidate experience and engagement, including: employment brand design and asset creation, vendor management, global recruiting tools and optimization, social strategy and measurement of candidate engagement, employee advocacy programs, global referral programs and overall […]

Maximizing Employer Branding for Small & Medium-sized Companies

For over a decade, Brad Owens helped Fortune 500 companies (including Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Nationwide and many others) attract and hire talent at all levels of their organizations. In this episode, we’ll learn how Brad Owens uses his experience to make an impact on smaller and medium-sized companies as the […]

Fly Away with American Airlines’ Employer Brand

After the acquisition of US Airways, American Airlines has been making major changes with the vision of restoring American as the greatest airline in the world. How are they doing that? With their people. Carrie Corbin’s role is to build talent acquisition programs and strategies. Her team’s focus is to […]

Communicating the Employer Brand from the Inside Out

How do you communicate an employer brand from the inside out? It all starts from within your organization. Kristin Dudley is a producer of stories that attract and engage, as well as the Founder of Co-Create LLC. In this episode, we’ll learn what impact employee stories have on talent attraction, […]

How Merck Trusts Employees to Activate the Employer Brand

What’s the best source of talent attraction at your company? Chances are it’s your own employees. This week, we’re speaking to a pharma giant has a strong human focus in its employer brand activation. John Graham Jr. is the Global Talent Acquisition Social & Digital Strategy Lead at Merck. In […]

The Design and Science of Workplaces that Inspire

Never underestimate the power of the physical environment, especially as a strategic tool for unlocking the keystones of innovation: creativity, productivity & collaboration. We speak to Kursty Groves, a Workplace Innovation Consultant and thought-provoker for creating inspiring physical and cultural work environments. In her book, I Wish I Worked There!, […]