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Ep 505: Accelerating Change

I always knew that the pace of change would accelerate this year, but it’s only March, and we’ve seen thousands of tech layoffs, bank failures, and the launch of ChatGPT and now ChatGPT 4. Meanwhile, businesses worldwide are still struggling to get the talent they need. The implications for Talent […]

Ep 502: Digital Talent One Year On

Digital Talent, the second book co-authored by Mervyn Dinnen and myself, came out a year ago this month. We’ve been blown away by the response to the book and want to thank everyone who has bought, read and shared it. Twelve months is a long time in our industry at […]

Ep 500: Ask Me Anything

In October 2008, I started writing a blog called Recruiting Future, and over the next seven years, I regularly documented the changes that were happening in talent acquisition. As part of my blog, I started publishing interviews with industry practitioners, sometimes as videos but often as audio files embedded in […]