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Ep 446: The Competitive Advantage Of Employee Experience

Many employers will claim to be people-centric organisations, but how many actually have the quality of employer experience to back this up? A high-quality employee experience dries value for businesses in many ways, including competitive advantage in talent acquisition, better retention, increased productivity and better service for clients and customers. […]

Ep 441: Human-Centered Talent Acquisition

Everything is changing very quickly in talent acquisition, and many employers are struggling to keep up with the ever evolving best practices that are driving results. It’s a critical moment to get a helicopter view of what talent acquisition strategies are working and the successful attributes of the highest performing […]

Ep 440: Resilience In Talent Acquisition

The current challenges talent acquisition teams face are well documented, and on this podcast, we explore the strategies and technologies that TA leaders are using to address them. The one thing we don’t talk about enough collectively as an industry is the considerable effects two years of unprecedented pressure and […]

Ep 438: The Power Of Storytelling

Effective storytelling is a crucial part of hiring, flowing through recruitment marketing, employer branding, assessment and onboarding but does your organisation have a strategy that sits behind it? Knowing what kind of stories to tell and how and where to tell them is something that brings a considerable competitive advantage. […]

Ep 437: Improving Speed & Quality

The one theme that has come over very clearly in the conversations I’ve had with talent acquisition professionals in the last 12 months is the relationship between speed and quality in the hiring process. Speed is currently a competitive advantage which means many employers are focusing intensely on speeding up […]

Ep 428: Strategies For The Great Resignation

Whether it’s the Great Resignation or the Great Reset, whatever you choose to call it, it is undeniable that employers are currently finding it extremely challenging to attract and retain talent. So which strategies should companies be exploring to improve their odds in such a difficult market? My guest this […]