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Ep 550: Promotion, Motivation, Commitment and Retention

Attitudes to work are more complex and varied than ever, making identifying trends and patterns harder. There are currently critical questions around retention and productivity that employers need to understand. So, how can we make sense of our ever more complex motivational drivers and attitudes to work? ADP have access […]

Ep 549: Rethinking Work, Jobs and Recruiting

The way we describe work and jobs is mostly by long-standing assumptions that have been in place since the Industrial Revolution. The world is now a very different place, and the employers breaking free of our ingrained mindsets around jobs and recruiting are giving themselves considerable talent market advantage. My […]

Ep 537: Strategic Workforce Planning

One of the key themes I’ve observed emerging over the last few years is the need for employers to think about talent holistically. To achieve this, progressive organisations are already breaking down the barriers between talent acquisition, talent management and L&D. The central tenet is Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP). So […]