Hello podcast fans.

I’ve been podcasting since the mid 2000’s and love how the format can be used to both entertain and educate people on any subject known to man.

I’m on my third show these days with the RecTech podcast which covers the increasingly complex world of recruiting technology. Previously, I hosted two career advice shows called Secrets of the Job Hunt and CareerCloud Radio. Over time, I received over 5 million downloads for those shows combined.

I started podcasting in order to educate people about job hunting and now I’m doing the same for recruiters and HR folks. This website is another step in that journey. HRpodcasters.com is designed to organize and highlight the growing world of HR podcasts. Recently there’s been a surge in new shows in our space and I thought it was time we had a hub that helped people find them.

But the site is also designed to help podcasters to grow their audience. We’ll crawl your RSS feed and link directly to your audio or video file for easy download. There is no cost to the podcaster. If you choose to you can also become a “Featured” show to grow your audience even faster.

Recruiting and HR is constantly evolving. So let’s get listening!

Chris Russell, Founder

Anyone with a current podcast is eligible to participate. Learn more about submitting your show here.

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