Shorty #5 Patrick is Jaded Again! rejoins us for  a Shorty.Just F’n red the emailNobody wants to be a Pickled DickAre people naturally that transient OR are they recruited to hellCulture Counts Support the show Want to:* Share a dumb employee question* Share a crazy story* Ask us a question* Share a best practice * […]

The Other Side with Talent Executive Simon Evans us in conversation today is a talent leader with 24 years of experience across the financial sector. Tune in to hear Simon Evans share an insider’s perspective on the role of a TA, along with his valuable insights on the importance of getting the onboarding process right. You’ll learn […]

Event Preview: MoveFwd with Yves Boudreau and Kevin Yip

HR Chat podcast world of work has changed enormously over the past few years. It’s hard to keep pace and harder still to find forums that can help us get ahead. MoveFwd, happening in May 2023, is an event for people leaders to be inspired to harness change, adapt, and move forward […]

Fuel Your Workforce w/ Jo Mills Everyone is talkin’ internal talent mobility and workforce agility these days … and for good reason. Empowering your current talent pool to fill the opportunities of the future is an incredibly powerful tool for blowing up the bottom line. That’s why we had Jo Mills, Chief Experience Officer at […]

The Pulse of HR with Anitra St Hilaire into all things HR with guest Anitra St. Hilaire, HR expert and VP of People at ThreeFlow. Gain insight into recent innovations in the areas of compensation, benefits, employee needs, remote and hybrid changes, and effective communication. If you’re involved in any facet of HR, you don’t want to […]

Ep 479: Neurodiversity Hiring At Microsoft

I published three interviews in October to mark National Disability Employment Awareness month. What particularly struck me was the amount of work going into neurodiversity hiring, and I want to dive deeper by finding out how specific employers are developing their programs. My guest this week is Neil Barnett, Director, […]

72. Using Behavioral Assessments in Talent Acquisition w/ Fred Rafilson

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CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO–493501–13972–32426–ab110aa5-8da1-4e20-aded-a14a55835586.m4a?v=1669665962It takes two things to make a good employee: the right skills and the right behavior. Fred Rafilson, chief I/O psychologist at Talview, doesn’t underestimate the importance of skills—but he also knows that neglecting to measure candidates’ behavioral attributes could be a big […]

The HCM Technology Journey at Heathrow Airport – LIVE from Oracle CloudWorld–live-from-oracle-cloudworld.mp3The HCM Technology Journey at Heathrow Airport – LIVE from Oracle CloudWorld Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane Guest: Caroline Knight, Head of Corporate Technology, Heathrow Airport This week, we met with Carline Knight live from the Oracle Cloud World Conference 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. – Heathrow Airport’s journey through […]

HR Works Podcast 217: Employee Wellness and the Rise of Presenteeism Abbie Buck, Chief People Officer at Collective Health Has the perception of employee wellness changed in 2022? And what is this concept of presenteeism that has become the new challenge in the workplace? In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we catch up on the current state […]

Episode 29: How to Become a Great Leader with Glynn Perry

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CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO OR USE PLAYER this episode, Chris discusses what it takes to be a great leader with Glynn Perry, Founder and Principal at JGP Leadership Advisors, LLC. In this episode Glynn covers topics including: Servant Leadership  Supporting women and minorities in leadership What […]

248: Leaders with Heart Are Always Learning & Growing Elkins is a strategist, author, professional speaker, and CEO of Social Media, a Denver-based agency he founded in 2007. His team drives tangible results for B2B tech/SaaS companies, B2B consumer brands, the home services industry, nonprofits, and global corporations. For more than 15 years, Eric has helped companies […]

Guest Appearance on the Disrupting Recruitment Podcast Cohost appearance:  Chris Russell sat in this week for JAMES WHITELOCK to talk about Rec Tech In The News. Chris and I had the chance to talk about: – Indeed’s switch to PPA – Recent mergers and acquisitions (including one from my backyard with CareerBeacon) and new technology. – as a fantastic […]

ERE Editor Vadim Liberman Liberman, editor at ERE, shares some of the most insightful highlights from ERE’s recent publications as well as featured speakers from ERE & SourceCon conferences. Vadim explains what the most exciting pitches he hears have in common, and what he wants to see the recruiting space cover in more […]

How Southwest Airlines Promotes Internal Career Opportunities on We’re Only Human“One of our ramp agents interacted with our CEO during one of his station visits and mentioned that he had taught himself how to code and that he was interested in technology. Our CEO was able to come back and connect him with recruiters and with our career mobility center […]