HR Happy Hour 334 – Driving Engagement and Results with Performance Management–driving-engagement-and-results-with-performance-management.mp3HR Happy Hour 334 – Driving Engagement and Results with Performance Management Sponsored by Virgin Pulse – Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane Guest: Michael Heller, iRevu This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Steve and Trish are joined by Michael Heller or iRevu, an HR technology provider of […]

Episode 41 – The Raving Racist Customer is Always Right should a hospital do when a patient insists on a female doctor?  A Muslim therapist?  A white nurse?  Marc and Dennis break down the legal issues that arise when a customer demands service based on gender, religion or in some cases, race. What if your religion forbids you from shaking […]

Ep. 60: Your workplace is moving from ‘work’ to ‘experience’ place. workplace is changing at a rapid pace. With brick-and-mortar retail stores morphing into “brand experience” places, the expectation from consumers (who also happen to be employees) is that the workplace must change into an “experience” place. Work-life balance is becoming work-life integration, employees expect more than a pay-check from […]

Your Personal Brand with Jennifer McClure get it. You aren’t a tube of toothpaste. But you still need a personal brand. In fact, you already have one whether you realize it or not. The question is, are you going to take charge of it? Today, Laurie talks with personal brand expert, Jennifer McClure, about what […]

Sourcing Challenge Show – E25 – Renata Ketzer this week’s Episode we are talking to Renata Ketzer ( from Dell in Brazil. Sourcing Challenge Show is a weekly show where we talk to Talent Sourcing Professionals from around the world about how they got started in the in Industry, what they are exited about working on now, […]

Indeed Gives Google for Jobs a Big FU keeps flowing. Perkspot, ClearCompany and iCIMS all rang the cash register this week. Upwork went full-on Enterprise. Indeed’s parent company says they have the numbers to make Google for Jobs nervous and Smashfly introduces us to Emerson. Big fun! Visit our sponsors, because, money … Sovren, JobAdX and America’s […]

HRExaminer Executive Conversations w/ Matt Bingham | Aug 17, 2018-7 AM PDT Bingham serves as the Vice President of Product Innovation and Strategy for Bridge, an employee development suite from the makers of Canvas. He is responsible for driving product vision and marketing for the business. An insatiable innovator, he builds teams and products that create solutions for today’s modern workforce. […]

iCIMS Goes Cha-Ching! kids, it’s The Shred for August 18, 2018, brought to you by Whether you’re moving your systems to the cloud, building out a team for your next project, finding healthcare talent for your organization, filling that mission critical direct hire to lead your team, or training your employees […]