The Significance of Mattering: The Most Coveted Skill Set for the AI Era

geeks geezers podcast

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO is more than just warm & fuzzy. It’s the game-changing new management skill set for the age of AI, a blueprint for navigating the wilds of Never Normal.  After diving deep into the conversation between Ira Wolfe and Zach Mercurio, here are […]

HR Work Break: Keeping Employees Engaged levels of employee engagement have a negative effect on productivity, retention, wellbeing, and more. So, what can leaders do to keep their workforce engaged? Shannon Gabriel, Vice President of Leadership Solutions at TBM Consulting, shares her advice and best practices. Read Complete Article

Betterleap, UKG, Power to Fly, an AI-powered outbound recruiting platform, announced new natural language search (NLS) capabilities for recruiters. With Betterleap NLS, recruiters can describe their hiring goals in their own words, such as “I need a software engineer who has at least eight years of experience, knows Python, and works within 40 minutes […]

How to Automate and Scale Effective Referral Programs

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO this episode, we will discuss the necessary elements to deploy and maintain an effective referral program. The world of recruiting quality talent has changed with the growth of social networking and crowdsourcing, providing new ways to engage employees as company ambassadors. We […]

#41 – Cultivating & Nurturing All-Stars Within Your Team – Ahva Sadeghi

Recruitment Reality podcast

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO this episode of the Recruitment Reality Podcast, I am joined by Ahva Sadeghi, CEO/Co-founder at Symba, an innovative onboarding and talent management platform. She highlights how Symba has grown from its initial conception of remote internships to focusing on new hire readiness […]

344. El legado de un gran ser humano – Juan Carlos Álvarez (Telefónica )- homenaje póstumo

En nuestro episodio 344, quisimos hacerle un homenaje a un gran ser humano, Juan Carlos Álvarez, cuya trayectoria y legado dejan un gran ejemplo en la comunidad de Talento Humano. A través de las historias y voces de personas que trabajaron con él, hacemos un pequeño imaginario de lo que […]

Ep 594: Recruiting Data Science Skills

With the development and adoption of AI accelerating at an unprecedented pace, the demand for data scientists and data skills in general is snowballing. To recruit successfully in this competitive talent market, TA teams must understand the specific data skills their organisation needs and the intrinsic career motivations of the […]

Primary Ventures VP Talent Jamie Sterrett joins us to offer some insight into what it takes to be an early-stage recruiter, how talent professionals can level up the entire function of a business, and when companies should consider bringing on a full-time in-house talent resource.    Key Points From This Episode:  How Jamie forged a […]

Maximizing HR Potential through Continuous Learning with Rachel Olson

HR Chat podcast the potential of continuous learning in HR with Rachel Olson, Director, CEBS Program Development & Operations at the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans as she guides us through the robust CEBS program and its designations. Listen as Rachel unpacks the necessity for professionals to stay ahead of the […]

Job Deal-Breakers, HR as profit sucking overhead and the Truth About SHRM Certifications found yourself staring down the rabbit hole of job hunting, wondering what deal-breakers you won’t budge on? Join Warren and CC this week as we spill the beans on the core principles that steer our job selection compass. Crack open the conversation with us as we reveal the red […]

PowerToFly Unlocks Massive Diverse Talent Pool with New AI Matching

PowerToFly, a diversity talent acquisition and engagement platform connecting underrepresented talent to great careers, today announced that the number of candidate profiles in its diversity recruiting software, PowerPro, has expanded to over 17 million.  This exponential growth to PowerToFly’s diverse talent pool in Candidate Search — combined with PowerPro’s AI-driven […]