Five Generations in Today's Workplace? Yep…you read that correctly! Meet Margarita Sarmiento!

For the first time in our nation’s history,  America has seven living generations, and five generations in the workplace. Changes in our economy, health, and life expectancy, are impacting workplace demographics. Economic instability has caused many people to postpone retirement.With over twenty five years of management, consulting and training experience, Margarita has worked with numerous companies and organizations, encompassing the areas of management, team-building, leadership, organizational planning, interpersonal communication, cross cultural communication and diversity. Check out her new class on the – Bridging the Gap- Generational Differences in the Workplace at www.VirtualHRAcademy.comYou can reach her by going to or email: MARGARITA@ITKCONSULTANTS.COMThe HR and Leadership Spotlight Show features Leaders – HR Professionals, Consultants, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners with a leadership message to share. If you would like to sponsor an episode on the HR and Leadership Spotlight Show, go to the About link and message us directly!This episode of the HR and Leadership Spotlight Show is sponsored by Alliance HR Partners Consulting. If your organization needs HR help, go to

#372: HCM Tech Buying Essentials w/ Jacqueline Kuhn, HRchitect

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Self-Definition and Pronouns: A Discussion Among Ourselves

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#371: What's Working in Job Advertising w/ Christian Forman, Appcast

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