New HR Tech podcast set to Launch

new hr podcast

The “So You Think You Can Talent?” podcast is scheduled for its inaugural episode on September 6, 2023. The podcast features a number of high-profile thought leaders from the HR tech space discussing the most important topics in the industry, in particular how AI and data science are transforming the field.

“So You Think You Can Talent?” promises not just a casual overview but an immersive deep dive into HR tech’s latest trends. Each episode grants listeners an exclusive insider’s perspective, unveiling the intricacies of today’s HR landscape, and most importantly, how to become a leader in the field.

But it’s not just about technology. The podcast emphasizes the voices behind these innovations. By inviting some of the most pioneering minds in HR to the show, listeners will get firsthand insights into the groundbreaking methods, tools, and the philosophies guiding them.

“We recognize the transformative power of HR technology in modern enterprises. With ‘So You Think You Can Talent?’, we aim to bridge the gap between innovation and implementation. We’re here to facilitate meaningful conversations, helping professionals navigate and capitalize on the emerging tools and strategies in HR,” says Tracey Tink, Chief Customer Success Officer at Censia and co-host of the podcast.

The podcast, which will be available on all major streaming platforms, seeks to cater to a diverse audience, from HR professionals looking to stay updated on the newest trends, to tech enthusiasts eager to grasp the next big thing in HR technology.

For more information, or to join the list of podcast guests, please visit

Appears to be produced by the vendor Censia.

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