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Ep 136 – Future of Work: Workplace Accessibility and Inclusion

According to the Amplify Accessibility Report from Accenture, people with disabilities can potentially add an additional $23 billion to the global economy. Advances in accessibility technology can help make this a reality, enabling more than 88 million of the 160 million people with disabilities to be a part of the […]

Episode 27 – Butt Download

When can you fire someone for their inappropriate behavior – that had nothing to do with work? What if they are the chair of a gigantic law firm? When can you use the job description cliche “other duties as may be assigned” to make someone photograph a murder scene? When […]

Episode 26 – Fluids

Marc and Dennis take on the world of swearing at work. When can you tell the boss to go &$^%#! himself and still keep your job? Learn why referring to your workplace drama as “____gate” might get you into legal hot water. The most epic and disgusting listener submitted story […]

Ep 134 – Future of Work: Job Search and Employee Accessibility

It’s important to walk a mile in another person’s shoes. I encourage this often when it comes to understanding the job seeker journey and certainly when talking with employees whether it’s through focus groups, surveys or applying for jobs at your company to understand first hand what the process is […]

Episode 25 – There’s Never Enough Buffet

Why is Marc’s office building such a historic location? What do buffet restaurant employees and college football players have in common? What is the law of butt dialing? (Thanks Eric Meyer!) What would we talk about without the Southern United States? Should we be reading Cracked Magazine? These questions and […]

Ep 133 – How to Handle Imposter Syndrome in the Workplace

I recently launched a series here on Workology focused on women in the workplace. The feedback from my first blog post was clear. I received many emails, DMs and phone calls sharing their stories and wanting more. A recent study found a third of millennials experience self-doubt at work, with 40% […]

Episode 24 – She Makes Jello Salads

Marc and Dennis discuss the issues of the day: resume fraud, identity theft, wage theft, wine theft, underage drinking, sitting, standing and powerwashing. Not necessarily in that order. Twitter Facebook Contribute Leave us a review on iTunes! The post Episode 24 – She Makes Jello Salads appeared first on My […]

Ep 132 – The Future of Accessible Workplace Technology

If the subject of accessibility isn’t on your radar, it’s time for it to be there. As technology becomes an even more important part of our lives and workplaces, it’s important that tech is accessible to everyone. But it’s not just the technologies and tools that need to be accessible, […]

Episode 23 – Flippin’ the Proverbial Bird

Can you really get fired for flipping the bird? What if you flip off POTUS’s motorcade? What if you work for a government contractor? What if you post a photo of you flipping off POTUS’s motorcade on Facebook and tell your boss about it? Marc and Dennis are joined by […]