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Episode 46 – It’s My Service Stallion!

We’ve been waiting a long time to talk about this one:  service animals! What is a “real” service animal? What do you do when an employee shows up with their “emotional support wolverine?” What should you do when a coworker is allergic to another coworker’s service cat? Also, can you […]

Ep 152 – The Bigger Strategy Behind Workplace Productivity

The search for optimum productivity and maximum efficiency is a struggle as we juggle our personal lives and professional ones, not to mention friendships, families and our personal interests. There never seems like there is enough time to get things done. Our next podcast guest walks us through strategies for […]

Episode 45 – I Hate Them and I Hope They All Burn

Marc and Dennis are coming to you from #ASHHRA18 in beautiful Pittsburgh PA! Why does the U.S. Women’s soccer team get paid a fourth of what the Men’s team gets paid, even though they are clearly way, way better? What is our podcasting buddy Jon Thurmond up to these days? What […]

Episode 44 – Work is Boring

Which is the more heinous offense:  Using a bad pun on your name as a business name, or forcing your employees to attend bible study during working hours? Do your good intentions outweigh your employment law violations? What does a pre-millennial think about the modern workplace?  (hint-it involves farts.) And […]

Ep 150 – How Collaboration Technology Drives Business Results

Work collaboration tools can be fantastic for getting things done and driving results within teams. They also can offer more than just efficiency – with today’s technology you can gain insights, data, and information that HR and business leaders often only dream of. This can happen with a variety of […]

Episode 43 – Slavery: Still Bad

Here’s a topic we never thought we’d have to talk about: Slavery. Turns out human trafficking and indentured servitude still exists in the American Workplace (well, at least two workplaces in South Carolina and a Thai restaurant in Portland). We also never thought we’d talk about Marc’s career as a […]

Scott Wintrip Interview on The New Way to Hire, the Recruitment Belief System, and Candidate Turds…

<hr> Today, hiring takes longer than ever and upcoming ERE Speaker, and bestselling Author, Scott Wintrip stops by to talk about the “new way” of hiring using the process of High-Velocity Hiring because according to Scott, “Hiring does not have to be a hassle.” During our conversation, we dive into […]