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Ep143 – How Workplace and People Analytics Can Drive Results in HR

HR is the secret weapon for an organization. In part, this is due to its responsibility for planning and strategy surrounding a company’s most valuable asset: its people. In order to be our most strategic selves, we need to have access to information and resources to help us make the […]

Ep 142 – Inclusive Hiring: How to Hire Global Autism Talent

One of my most popular articles on the Workology site is an ongoing list of employers that have autism hiring programs. Each week I receive several messages, emails and phone calls from kids, adults, parents and friends who have loved ones diagnosed with autism and looking for work. I thought […]

Episode 35 – The Dark Ages of Deoderant

Some people work for peanuts, other people won’t work in a workplace with peanuts — Marc and Dennis explore a disability lawsuit where peanuts figure quite prominently. Dennis tells an international tale with an interesting defense to a sex harassment claim. And Marc tells an uplifting tale of workplace body […]

Episode 34 – Proofread and Don’t Shoot People

Holy punitive damages, Batman!  Marc tells Dennis about the biggest employment case verdict in Massachusetts history. An FBI agent goes off half-cocked (not a euphemism). Trigger warning (no pun intended):  penis tattoos figure heavily in today’s episode.  (Link has profanity and somewhat not safe for work.) The post Episode 34 – […]

Episode 141: Future of Work: Apprenticeships and Employing People With Disabilities

I don’t think I need to remind you that we are at an inflection point when it comes to employment and the available talent we have in the market. There are now more jobs than unemployed looking for work. Especially in the technology sector, there are not enough skilled workers […]

Episode 33 – Legal But Dumb

We begin with some practical (but certainly not legal) advice on how to intelligently conduct an equal pay audit without just opening your wallet to the class action lawyers. Marc and Dennis debate whether it is okay to fire your political opponent. We share a truly horrific story about incestuous […]

Episode 32 – Mountains and Mountains of Cocaine

It’s the All-Florida Episode! Where can you serve booze to your alcoholic employee, lock them out of the building, and then make them walk home so they get hit by a train?  Florida! Where can you fire a deaf employee for talking too loud?  Florida! Where can you snort mountains […]

Ep 140 – Future of Work: Autonomous Vehicles Provide Mobility for All

It isn’t just the workplace that’s evolving. It’s the way in which we work, combined with the way in which we travel to work, that is also changing. Autonomous vehicles offer a new way to travel and transport ourselves and our families. Today, we’re diving into how autonomous vehicles are […]