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Ep 159 – How Tech Adoption Drives Employee Experience

In this competitive market for talent, it’s not just about recruiting. It’s also about retaining the employees that we’ve hired, trained, and developed, and helping them perform at the highest levels possible. A big part of this is creating a great culture and employee experience for them. The tech we […]

Episode 52 – Sometimes You Should Just Shut the Fork Up (Live from PNERF 11-8-18)

What are the top five employment law risks you should know about? Is it okay to classify your fast food workers as executives? How can a job interview lead to a lawsuit? Is Catholo-Satanism a real religion? Marc and Dennis explore these topics live before a studio audience at the […]

Ep 158 – Supporting Your Employees When There’s a Cancer Diagnosis

According to research by the National Cancer Institute, nearly 40% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes. And this number is growing which makes the subject of cancer in the workplace a more common one. I’m not just talking about benefit plan […]

Episode 51 – sweetthang@hwepodcast.com

Why did Google employees around the globe walk off of their jobs last week? Are their demands reasonable? Do they want to use Internet Explorer? And should you conduct a police-style lineup to identify the employee who submitted an unsolicited explicit photo of himself? The post Episode 51 – sweetthang@hwepodcast.com […]

Ep 157 – Driving Maximum Performance in Your Workplace Without Alienating Your Employees

The economy is strong and companies are working hard to ride the bull markets. That means taking the bull by the horns and focusing on driving maximum performance, revenue, and profitability. That’s easier than it sounds. Employee engagement, retention, and recruiting are at the forefront of creating a high-performance culture. […]

Episode 50 – The Death and Dismemberment Episode (Live from PHRMA Oct 2018)

Wow – our 50th episode, and it was recorded live! Four great stories all about workplace onanism. When is an employer responsible for preventing its employees from murdering one another? And two listener-submitted stories from a live, living and breathing listener! Recorded live at PHRMA’s Member Appreciation event in Portland […]

Ep 156 – Workplace Politics and Running for Office While in HR

Two years after Hillary Clinton became the first woman to win the presidential nomination of a major U.S. political party, and with a record number of women running for Congress in 2018, a majority of Americans say they would like to see more women in top leadership positions – not […]

Ep 155 – Driving Organizational Change: Rebuilding Trust and Culture

According to research by Deloitte, 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct corporate culture is important to a business’ success. My next guest believes that there is a strong correlation between employees who claim to feel happy and valued at work and those who say their company […]

Episode 49 …and a Horse

So, you fired the person you concluded committed a workplace sexual assault – and now that person is suing you for sex discrimination!  Can that happen?  Marc and Dennis discuss what duties (if any) employers owe suspected harassers. Also, learn what happens when a 77 year old boss fires an […]

Ep 154 – Artificial Intelligence Basics in HR and Recruiting

A 2017 Gartner study found that the hype around AI is making it hard for many users to understand the technology’s true value to their organizations. The concepts of artificial intelligence are vast, complicated and ever changing, which is why I thought it was important for us to level, set […]