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Cultural Transformation: Gender Balance, Diversity and Inclusion with Dorothy Dalton

Dorothy Dalton, Talent Management Strategist, talks about “radical empathy” with candidates, opening the campaign way for rich and honest conversations with potential talent. She also goes into differences between the U.S and Europe when it comes to equality in the workplace and the recruiting process. Go to podcast/show page

Glassdoor goes Fishing, Humanly Raises VC announces a successful momentum raise to continue company growth and product development. Better pre-hire conversations result in better hires for companies seeking quality and diverse employees. Launched in July of 2019, has spent the last two years perfecting conversational AI to speed the hiring process, allowing humans to […]

An HR Break Room Take 5: Paycom’s Beti™

Beti, Paycom’s industry-first, employee-driven payroll experience, is making waves in the HR technology industry. Recently named a Top HR Product of 2021 by Human Resource Executive magazine, Beti is revolutionizing how organizations view payday by putting the power of payroll in employees’ hands. In this HR Break Room Take 5, […]