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Episode 406: Digital Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility With Oneisha Freeman and Nikhil Deshpande

Workology Podcast powered by PEAT with Nikhil Deshpande and Oneisha Freeman talking about making the digital world accessible for all people. The post Episode 406: Digital Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility With Oneisha Freeman and Nikhil Deshpande appeared first on Workology. Go to Podcast/Show Page

HiBob Strikes it Rich

SparcStart, a leader in recruitment marketing innovation, has unveiled its latest product, Empower, the recruitment marketing portal that transforms how companies manage, measure, and share their employer brand and recruitment marketing assets. HireClix, a leading recruitment marketing services company, today launched the Employer Brand Network (EBN) to help enterprise-level […]

Ep 552: The Strategic Value of Talent Acquisition

The talent acquisition landscape is changing rapidly. 2024 has been difficult for many people in the profession, with many layoffs and an incredibly tough job market for recruiters. At the same time, advances in AI and automation technologies are driving types of change that we couldn’t have imagined a few […]

One Medical Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition John Beard

John shares his inspiring journey into talent acquisition, his passion for aligning recruitment with a company’s mission, and his innovative, candidate-centric approach. He discusses the challenges and opportunities in talent acquisition, debunks misconceptions, and emphasizes the importance of hiring for potential, not just negotiation skills.    Key Points From This […]

Netflix: From Culture Code to Employer Brand

It’s impossible to have a conversation about company culture without bringing up the famous Netflix presentation, “Freedom & Responsibility Culture.” The 127-slide deck made waves and introduced ideas that are now commonplace, like unlimited paid time off with a radical approach to employee empowerment. That’s why we were thrilled to […]

Thriving in the Never Normal with a Resilient Tomorrowmind with Gabriella Kellerman

geeks geezers podcast

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO If terms like “future shock,” “AI,” and “post-traumatic growth” make your ears perk up, then you’re in for a treat. During this episode we talk about everything you need to build resilience, develop a Tomorrowmind, and thrive in the future of work. Topics […]

The Inclusion-Engagement Equation with Katarina Polonska

Katarina Polonska, a transformational connection coach, discusses the misconceptions surrounding some of the top trending topics in the workplace: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She explains how the language we use can either help or hinder this important conversation. Listen in to get fresh insights into the crucial relationship between effective […]

HR Works Podcast 256: 5 Generations, 1 Goal – Keep Your Multigenerational Workforce Motivated

Guest: Lisa Ryan, Founder and Chief Appreciation Strategist of Grategy With five generations of workers currently coexisting in the modern workforce, is each generations looking for the same thing out of their workplace experience in 2023? What factors are keeping these unique generational groups ‘locked-in’, engaged, and motivated? In this […]