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Mental Strength: The Leadership Superpower of Our Time

In the latest episode of Transform Your Workplace, expert Scott Mautz reveals the secret to exceptional leadership: mental strength. Mautz, an award-winning, best-selling author and dynamic speaker, discusses how regulating emotions, thoughts, and behaviors can transform leaders from ordinary to extraordinary. Tune in to learn about the six core mental […]

Unlocking Connection: The Power of Thoughtful Questions in the Workplace

Unlocking Connection: The Power of Thoughtful Questions in the Workplace Hosts: Steve Boese & Trish Steed Guest: Topaz Adizas, Founder of The Skin Deep Today, we met with Topaz Adizas from The Skin Deep to discuss the significance of asking thoughtful questions to build better workplace relationships. They emphasized the importance of creating a safe […]

From the Vault – Breaking Legal Barriers: The Part-Time Secretary Who Rewrote Harassment Laws

Send us a Text Message.Today, we jump back into the vault to revisit one of our most popular stories from this year – Sheri Minarsky’s workplace harassment fight. We’ll be back next week with a new episode.————Dive into a riveting episode of HR Stories Podcast, featuring the story of Sheri Minarsky’s brave stand against workplace harassment. This episode, reveals Sheri’s struggle as a secretary in Susquehanna County’s Department of Veterans Affairs, where she endured years of harassment in silence due to fear and isolation. Her story unfolds as a gripping narrative of resilience and courage, culminating in a groundbreaking legal battle that challenges the conventional norms of workplace dynamics and legal responsibilities.Discover how Sheri’s fight led to a landmark decision in Minarsky v. Susquehanna County, transforming legal standards and employer accountability in harassment cases. This episode is not just a tale of individual bravery; it’s a crucial lesson on the importance of creating a supportive work environment and the impact of empathy and proactive action in combating workplace harassment. Tune in for an emotionally powerful and enlightening story that resonates with the courage to speak up and the power to effect change.In the HR News segment, the team touches on the following topics and more:Technology – does it make HR better or more of a struggle?Stop burning out!Why even a slight pay increase can tempt employees to leaveAn updated determination of who classifies as a contract workerSupport the Show.The Ultimate Book of HR Checklists – Getting HR Right: Your Step-by-Step Reference for Avoiding Costly Mistakes. Go to (On sale – take $100 off …only $79 ) Certified and approved for 3 SHRM Recertification Credits.Join the HR Team of One Community on Facebook or visit and sign up for emails so you can be the first to know about new things we have coming up.You can also follow us on Instagram and TikTok at @HRstoriesPodcast Don’t forget to rate our podcast, it really helps other people find it!Do you have a situation or topic you’d like the team to discuss? Are you interested in having Chuck or John talk to your team or Emcee your event? You can reach the Team at for suggestions and inquiries.The viewpoints expressed by the characters in the stories are not necessarily that of The Team at HR Stories. The stories are shared to present various, real-world scenarios and share how they were handled by policy and, at times, law. Chuck and John are not lawyers and always recommend working with an employment lawyer to address concerns.

369. New age: Humanocracy- Michele Zanini (Management Lab)

Our 369th episode features Michele Zanini, co-author of the book Humanocracy. In this conversation, we explore:Growing Up in Venice and Embracing Italian CultureThe Future of Work: What’s Next?Haier’s Revolutionary Work ModelKey Elements of Humanocracy-Driven CompaniesInnovative Organizational ModelsWhy Aren’t Organizations Advancing Faster?The Crucial Role of Middle Managers: Focus or Forget?Acá puedes […]