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New Processes to Optimize Remote Hiring and Recruiter Performance – Kim Howell Chief People Officer at ERC

Welcome to the recruitment hackers podcast. A show about innovations, technology and leaders in the recruitment industry brought to you by Talkpush, the leading recruitment automation platform.Max: Good morning and welcome back to the Recruitment Hackers podcast with me Max Armbruster, talking to some of the thought leaders and leading […]

Ep 289: Values, Brand & Culture

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO In challenging times, it is essential that talent acquisition leaders fully understand the interrelation of employer brand, culture, values and how an organisation services its customers. This is a crucial way that talent acquisition and employer branding functions can illustrate how they create […]

Episode 12: Beyond Content—The Power and Purpose of Structured Approaches to Talent Branding

Episode Description This week we welcome Jody Ordioni to the podcast. Jody is Chief Brand Officer of Brandemix, founder of Achieve Engagement, and author of The Talent Brand, and award-winning book on structured approaches to brand building. Topics include: the value of viewing consumer and talent brands holistically, the limitations […]

259 – (Re-Release) How Are Remote Workers Benefiting the Workforce?, with Cecile Alper-Leroux and Joey Price

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