Category: HR Social Hour Half Hour

As an extension of the monthly #HRSocialHour Twitter chat, HR pros Jon Thurmond and Wendy Dailey talk to other practitioners about connecting, giving back, and building your network.

Episode 158 – Jon & Wendy welcome back Raphael Crawford-Marks

We welcome back Raphael Crawford-Marks, Founder and CEO of Bonusly.  We talk about employee recognition in the time of COVID and how Bonusly had adjusted to address customer needs, what’s coming up for the company, and celebrating Employee Appreciation Day.   Raphael’s recommendation: (Madison Butler) How to reach Raphael: […]

Episode 154 – Jon & Wendy talk to Robin Schooling

We’re joined by Robin Schooling, HR and Talent Strategist and Principal at Peridus Group in Baton Rouge, LA.  We talk about her journey through HR, how the gaming industry presents unique challenges, and commiserate about online events.   Robin’s recommendation: (Christina Wang) How to reach Robin: This episode is sponsored […]