Category: HR Social Hour Half Hour

As an extension of the monthly #HRSocialHour Twitter chat, HR pros Jon Thurmond and Wendy Dailey talk to other practitioners about connecting, giving back, and building your network.

Episode 66 – Jon & Wendy talk to Victorio Milian

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO We’re joined by Victorio Milian, a Human Resources professional with Humareso in New York, NY.  We talk about the challenges he sees his clients facing, tokenism and true inclusion, and Victorio’s passion for photography. Victorio’s recommendation: (Jazmine Wilkes) How to reach Victorio: […]

Episode 65 – Jon & Wendy talk to Osasu Arigbe

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO We’re joined by Osasu Arigbe, an HR professional in Washington, DC.  We talk about how Osasu moved from accounting to HR, being part of the SHRM Blog Squad, and “The Sound of Music.” Osasu’s recommendation: (Steve Browne) How to reach Osasu: […]

Episode 63 – Jon & Wendy talk to Rachel Harriet

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO We’re joined by Rachel Harriet, Human Resources Business Partner with American Water and President of Salient Organizational Solutions in Philadelphia, PA.  We talk consulting, AI, and why the employee experience is important. Rachel’s recommendations: How to reach Rachel: […]

HRSocialHour Wonder Women Episode 8 – Wendy & Anne talk to Janine Truitt

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO In this super-sized #HRWonderWomen episode, Wendy & Anne talk to Janine Truitt, on Twitter as, and cover everything women, women of color & generations!!  Janine suggests you follow Sarah Morgan Jazmine Wilkes Tiffany Kuehl Minda Harts Dr. Janice Presser Go to Podcast/Show Page