Category: HR Social Hour Half Hour

As an extension of the monthly #HRSocialHour Twitter chat, HR pros Jon Thurmond and Wendy Dailey talk to other practitioners about connecting, giving back, and building your network.

Episode 15 – Jon & Wendy talk to Keith Enochs

We’re joined by Keith Enochs, Human Resources and Training Services for a regional Supermarket and Home & Garden chain based in Lititz, Pennsylvania.  We talk about longevity with one organization, raising kids, and bourbon.  A brief but super fun conversation. Keith’s recommendations: (Cy Wakeman) How to reach Keith: […]

DCSHRM18 Special Edition – Jon talks to Nicole Belyna

DCSHRM is holding their annual conference on May 18, 2018.  Jon spends a few minutes with Nicole Belyna, President of DCSHRM, talking about the event and why you should attend.  There’s a little DC tourist talk, too. To register for the conference: DCSHRM’s social channels: To contact […]

Episode 11 – Jon & Wendy talk to Ian Mondrow

We’re joined by Ian Mondrow, Training Specialist with P3 North America.  Ian talks about learning and development, taking improv classes, and his unabashed love of Britney Spears.  It’s an all too brief conversation with plenty of laughs and insight. Ian’s recommendation: (Meghan M. Biro) How to reach Ian: […]

Episode 10 – Jon & Wendy talk to Kristina Minyard

We’re joined by Kristina Minyard, Director of Ignite Education for Ignite-Fueling Innovation in Huntsville, AL and Social Media chair of the Alabama SHRM State Council.  We learn how Kristina applies her HR knowledge and experience in her current role and how comedian Jim Gaffigan inspired her blog. Kristina’s recommendations: #HRFitCrew […]