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HRExaminer Executive Conversations w/ Josh Jarrett, Koru | Nov 16, 2018-7 AM PST

Josh is the Co-Founder and CPO of Koru, the leader in predictive hiring. Josh is an experienced innovator and executer in people analytics and higher education technology. Prior to Koru, he led education innovation programs for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in areas such as learning analytics/big data, interactive […]

Episode 41 – Jon & Wendy talk to Katrina Kibben

We’re joined by Katrina Kibben, CEO and Founder of Three Ears Media.  We talk about recruiting high volume positions, what most employers need to improve on in their recruiting efforts, and how Katrina named her company.  Katrina’s recommendations: How to reach Katrina: Be sure […]

Ep 159 – How Tech Adoption Drives Employee Experience

In this competitive market for talent, it’s not just about recruiting. It’s also about retaining the employees that we’ve hired, trained, and developed, and helping them perform at the highest levels possible. A big part of this is creating a great culture and employee experience for them. The tech we […]

HR Works 71: Suicide Prevention—An Overlooked But Crucial Workplace Wellness Initiative

In Episode 71, we’re diverging slightly off our typical subject matter, but with good reason. We want to discuss something even more important than strategic HR best practices or company profitability—we’re going to talk about how HR can literally help save lives. Our guest, Anna Mittag, Vice President of Operations […]