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Episode 173 – Jon & Wendy talk to Sam Jenniges

We talk to Sam Jenniges, Organizational Development Consultant in the St. Paul, MN area.  We talk about her move to OD, being “HR adjacent” and partnering with HR, as well as lessons learned in writing her book, “Recognition Rebooted.”  There’s even talk about Huey Lewis and “Psych.” Sam’s recommendations: […]

HR Works Podcast 149: Hispanic Recruiting Trends

Guest: Jacob Monty, Partner & Founder, Monty & Ramirez LLP and Host, Human Recursos ( podcast As part of the HR Daily Advisor’s Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Week ( I am pleased to release this HR Works Podcast episode discussing the hiring landscape involving organizations with large Hispanic workforces. Specifically, […]

Digitizing the Frontline Workforce with Cris Grossman

In this eye-opening episode of the Transform Your Workplace podcast, Brandon Laws talks with guest Cris Grossman. He’s the CEO and Co-Founder of Beekeeper, a company committed to connecting non-desk or “frontline” employees through technology. Cris believes that a digital transformation of frontline workers, who make up 80% of the […]