Category: Let’s Fix Work

Work is broken. We’re here to help fix it. Join host Laurie Ruettimann, the failed HR lady who went on to become one of the world’s top career advisers, as she talks to some of her closest friends and peers about work: the buzzwords, the nerdy, the contrarian. We’ll give you the tools you need to fix work, because at the end of the day, if change is going to happen, it’s going to start with you.

052: The Intersection of Wellness, Leadership, and Performance with Jeanette Bronée

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO This week’s episode features Jeanette Bronée, performance strategist, culture coach, wellness advocate, and founder of Path For Life, Inc.  Jeanette helps leaders and companies rethink performance by asking “The Right Why®” so they can lead themselves and their people better and achieve sustainable […]

Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources: The Perfect Symphony with Armen Berjikly

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO We’re proud to be sponsored by Ultimate Software. They’re a leading cloud provider of people management solutions with a commitment to continuing education for HR, talent, and payroll professionals. Ultimate Software is hosting dozens of free educational HR workshops around the country. Check […]