Chick-fil-A Transgender sexual harassment, Indeed Smart Sourcing, $1bn in HR Tech Funding, and more than 95 million to be skilled in AI before 2030

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In this episode we run the gamete from Chick-fil-A’s handling of transgender sexual harassment claims to Indeed’s release of it’s new solution Smart Sourcing. We look at $1 billion in funding and the commitment from IBM and Intel to skill more than 30 million workers in AI related opportunities by 2030.

CareerArc gobbles up Lumina, Understanding Femtech, and Gen Z Jobsites.

Show Takeaways:

From the mind of Tincup: Hydration Boost: Electrolyte drinks with high levels of electrolytes are beneficial for hydration. Zero Tolerance for Harassment: Workplace harassment, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation, should not be tolerated. Disaster Fallout: Disasters have

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