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Description: Starring recruiting leadership from everywhere under the talent acquisition sun, Talk Talent To Me is a fast-paced rough-and-tumble tour through the strategies, metrics, techniques, and trends shaping the recruitment industry. Brought to you by your pals at Hired.

Talent Plus Director of Leadership Analytics Dr. Scott Whiteford

Today on the show we are joined by Dr. Scott Whiteford, Director of Leadership Analytics at Talent Plus, a strength-based management company that is rooted in positive psychology. Their mission is centered on understanding an individual’s greatest strengths and how best to utilize those strengths, both for selection and development. […]

Johns Hopkins University Recruiting Directors Alia Poonawala & Emma O’Rourke-Powell

Joining us in conversation are two guests from Hire Hopkins, the recruiting arm of Johns Hopkins University. They are Executive Director Alia Poonawala, and Associate Director Emma O’Rourke Powell. We kick off our conversation with a detailed look at the career journey that brought each of our guests to their […]

Reformation SVP Talent, Diversity, Equity & Belonging Chéla Gage

Chéla Gage is the Senior Vice President of Reformation, a climate-positive and sustainability-focused fashion company. Chéla explains how her personal history shapes her role in recruitment and how she connects it to her passion for diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and belonging. I ask questions about her different career paths, how […]