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Ep 508: Scaling Up With Video Interviewing

Earlier in the month, in Episode 504, we looked at the evolution of asynchronous video interviewing and the change in candidate attitudes towards it since the pandemic. In this episode, I wanted to dive deeper and find out how it is working in practice. What are the benefits and drawbacks, […]

The realities of background screening and its crucial impact on hiring

In this podcast episode, Max and Daniel Callaghan of Veremark explore the world of background screening for employment and how blockchain is making the process more secure and cost-effective for both job seekers and employers. They also highlight the problems facing the background screening industry and why background checks are […]

No more resumes: Better alternatives for finding the right candidates

 In this podcast episode, Max Armbruster interviews Robert Cohen, Talent Acquisition Ecosystem Manager at Philip Morris International. The conversation focused on the need for companies to rethink early talent acquisition by looking beyond traditional qualifications and focusing more on motivation and potential. Their conversation also highlights the need for technological […]

The 3-Step Process for Building an EVP

Employer branding is still a relatively new concept, and there are several organizations that have been around for a long time but have still not done the work to develop and launch an EVP (Employer Value Proposition). That’s why we were happy to interview Kayla Branham, Marketing Manager of Talent […]

Layoffs Hit Job Site Indeed

Citing a 33% decline in sponsored jobs is laying off 15% of its workforce across the globe. Company president Chris Hyams said in a company wide email this week. Paradox, the conversational hiring software announced the launch of its Conversational ATS. Designed from the ground-up to completely reimagine […]

Ep 507: Skills Based Hiring In Early Careers

We live in rapidly changing times, and it is increasingly difficult for employers to anticipate how the roles in their business will develop. An ageing workforce is a further complicated factor. The growing consensus is that a skills-based approach to early careers recruiting could give employers the flexibility they need […]