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#320: Can Companies Force Employees to Get Vaccinated? w/ Ivan D. Smith

HR Chat podcast

In this HRchat, we consider the legal requirements and implications for returning to work in vaccinated countries. Listen as we consider if businesses can legally mandate Covid vaccinations and how unions could respond. Seemingly successful COVID-19 vaccination programs in the US, Canada, Israel, the UEA, Hungary, the UK, and elsewhere means […]

#317: Why Embracing People Where They're at is Key to Driving Progress w/ Astrid Jorgensen, Pub Choir

HR Chat podcast

In HRchat episode 317, we get a world-famous music artist and community builder's take on why embracing people where they're at is key to driving progress, why high performance rests on a team of good players and how to bring diverse groups together to achieve inspiring performances Bill's guest is […]

#312: The Role of Incentives in Engaging Employees w/ Rob Purdy, CarltonOne Engagement

HR Chat podcast

In this episode, we talk about performance, incentives, and employee engagement. Bill's guest this time is Rob Purdy, CEO at CarltonOne Engagement, a firm on a mission to become “the world’s leading provider of on-demand recognition, incentive, training, and reward solutions”. Rob created CarltonOne to crack the code of employee […]