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Spotting Employee Superpowers with Patricia Carl, Highland Performance Solutions

HR Chat podcast

In this episode, we focus on better ways to cultivate, attract and engage talent. Listen too, as we share how to identify “superpowers” within your employees. Plus we’ll talk about ways managers can support the mental wellbeing of their reports.  Bill’s guest this time is  Patricia Carl,  CEO & Founder […]

How to Assess the Mindset of Job Candidates with Tom Cornell, HireVue

HR Chat podcast

In this HRchat episode, we consider how we can assess the mindset and potential culture fit of candidates. Our guest this time is Tom Cornell, Senior Organisational Psychology Consultant at HireVue. Tom specializes in the design, development, and delivery of HireVue’s interview and game-based assessments. Tom completed his postgraduate degree in […]

Employee Microlearning and Knowledge Reinforcement with Jason Mundy, Qstream

HR Chat podcast

In this HRchat episode, Bill Banham is joined by Jason Mundy, VP of Marketing at Qstream, the leading enterprise microlearning and knowledge reinforcement solution proven by science and in practice to boost learner performance. Questions Include: What is microlearning? Based on the findings from the 2022 Workplace Learning Report, how effective […]