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#348: Crossover Special with Jamie Allison Featuring Digit Murphy, RUTH

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In this special crossover podcast episode with Jamie Allison, host of the Big Idea Big Moves podcast, we speak to the leader of an organization that, among other things, helps women professional athletes leverage the skills they’ve developed through high-level sports to transition into careers with top companies. Our guest […]

#345: Evolution of Digital Identity and its Role in Background Screening w/ Taylor Liggett and Chuck Walker

HR Chat podcast

Do you know who's accessing your information online? Digital identity can be defined in many ways. In today’s HRchat episode, we’ll talk specifically about a digital ID for an individual; a person’s information in an online world where their identity can be created, verified, appended, and shared in part or […]

#344: Leading HR in a Rollercoaster Year w/ Kelly Kauffman, Milwaukee Bucks

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Today's guest is Kelly Kauffman, Chief Human Capital Officer for the 2021 World Champion Milwaukee Bucks, a sports and entertainment organization within the National Basketball Association. Listen as Kely shares her experiences of running an arena and being part of a championship-winning culture during the pandemic.  Questions Include:  What did […]

#342: How to Spot Signs of Employee Burnout w/ Trung Tran, Amplio

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According to the World Health Organization, burnout results from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is typically characterized by three dimensions: feelings of exhaustion; increased mental apathy towards one’s job; and lack of confidence about your abilities. Burned-out employees are 63% more likely to take a […]