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Ep 559: Wellness, Culture, Recruiting and Retention

Recruiting and retaining the right talent continues to be highly challenging for many organisations. Understanding the key drivers here is critical for any company that wants to achieve a competitive talent advantage. It’s starting to become clear that the impact of prioritising wellbeing on an organisation’s culture is significant enough […]

Ep 558: Making Talent Acquisition Magical

This special episode was recorded at the first ever Recruiting Future Podcast live event at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. I was blown away by how many people came along to share their views on the future talent acquisition. On such a magical night (we even had a […]

Netflix: From Culture Code to Employer Brand

It’s impossible to have a conversation about company culture without bringing up the famous Netflix presentation, “Freedom & Responsibility Culture.” The 127-slide deck made waves and introduced ideas that are now commonplace, like unlimited paid time off with a radical approach to employee empowerment. That’s why we were thrilled to […]