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Hosted by Matt Alder.

Ep 571 – The Road Ahead For Talent Acquisition

As we come to the end of another interesting year, I know that many of you will be looking towards 2024 and planning for the new year ahead. One of the best things about 2023 for me has been the opportunity to get back on stage and start presenting again. […]

Ep 567: The Strategic Future Of Talent Acquisition

Transforming TA into a strategic function that can prove its long-term value to the business has been a critical topic on the show this year. AI, uneven talent markets and challenging economic factors continue to cause widespread market disruption, and TA leaders need to drive their function in a more […]

Ep 563: How Will AI Change TA? (Live at RecFest)

This time last year, most of us hadn’t heard of generative AI, but it has dominated our industry discourse in 2024. The dramatic emergence of generative AI has illustrated how fast disruption is accelerating and has made us think deeply about the future of talent acquisition. Back in July at […]

Ep 561: Building The Foundations Of Skills-Based Hiring

Having covered both topics extensively on the podcast this year, I’m very much of the opinion that the move towards skills-based thinking will be more disruptive to recruiting norms than the rapid adoption of generative AI. The adoption of skills-based hiring and the move towards skills-based organizations is still happening […]

Ep 560: Hiring For The Future

The business world is changing quickly, and the skill sets that employees need are constantly shifting, developing and evolving. So, how can companies develop strategic workforce plans and build long-term talent pipelines in such an unpredictable and fast-changing environment? My guests this week are Jennifer Longworth, Director of People and […]