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Ep 614: Reinventing The Recruiting Process

The pace of change in recruiting technology continues to accelerate, and with it come opportunities to improve hiring outcomes, streamline operational efficiency, and make much-needed improvements to the candidate experience. When you add in increasing volumes of applications driven by candidate use of AI and the differing wants and needs […]

Ep 610: Future Skills

It’s becoming evident that we are at a critical pivot point for talent acquisition. While the debates around AI are sucking up most of the attention, massive shifts are happening in terms of the shelf life of skills, ongoing challenges with skills acquisition, and upskilling people for a very different […]

Ep 607: AI Powered Talent Acquisition

It’s been nearly 18 months since ChatGPT launched and sparked a lively debate about the future of Talent Acquisition. While it’s important to consider the long-term implications, a crucial part of building a strategy is embracing the potential of current technology through experimentation and skill development. My guest this week […]

Joveo Introduces the Industry’s First Interactive Reports on the State of Talent Sourcing & Recruitment Advertising Across Key Occupations


Joveo Publishes Talent Sourcing and Recruitment Advertising Benchmarks with Data-Driven, Competitive, and Actionable Insights for Talent Acquisition MENLO PARK, Calif. — Joveo, the global leader in AI-powered job advertising, announces the release of Interactive Insights – the industry’s first interactive talent sourcing and recruitment advertising benchmark reports, covering eleven of […]