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Ep 177- How to Create a Global Apprenticeship Program

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO Welcome to a new series on the Workology Podcast we are kicking off that focuses on the future of work. This series is in collaboration with the Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology or PEAT. Apprenticeships provide a real opportunity for employers to train and […]

Ep 175 – Where to Get Started with Recruitment Marketing?

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO I am what many people call a trailblazer especially in the area of what is now referred to as digital recruiting and/or recruitment marketing. In 2001, when I first started in HR and recruiting, I successfully used dating websites to recruit and source […]

Ep – 174 Design Thinking in Human Resources

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO There has been a bit of buzz around Design Thinking in human resources recently. Like agile methodology, design thinking is a process for creating problem-solving and helps develop human-centric programs, processes, and experiences in the workplace. Because we’ve discussed agile workflows before, I […]

Ep 173 – Should Ugly Be a Protected Class

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO An Italian study released last year showed that attractive women who sent photos with their résumés got called back 54% of the time, as opposed to the average callback rate of 30%. Another academic study found that CEO who were considered attractive had […]

Ep 171 – Decision Making in Human Capital Investment

CLICK MP3 LINK BELOW TO STREAM AUDIO The psychology behind good and bad decision making isn’t just fascinating for those of us interested in human behavior. It’s also important for recruiting and human resource leaders for making better decisions when it comes to human capital investment in the workplace, whether […]