LinkedIn Crushes Monster Remember when you thought Microsoft had lost their collective mind when they dropped $26.2 billion for LinkedIn? HA! Well, it looks like Microsoft is going to have the last laugh because LinkedIn is crushing it. And who’s not crushing it? How about Monster and Shocker, right? Of course, […]

#321: Hours Logged Versus Real Productivity w/ Nick Goldberg

HR Chat podcast this HRchat episode, we look at the correlation between the number of hours logged and employee productivity.  Bill Banham's guest is Nick Goldberg, CEO at Ezra, a provider of digital coaching. Listen as Nick also reflects on a recent study that suggests Americans are clocking 1,864.8 work hours per […]

The Recruitment Flex – Seeing it First Hand

recruitment flex podcast you travel to the US its hard to get your head around the dire situation the service industry is dealing with. Serge made his way to Detroit on business this week and shares his experience. – We raise our little Canadian flag and are grateful for being in a […]

Rory Maddocks: Launching a Recruitment as a Service Business this episode, Marcus Edwardes speaks with Rory Maddocks, Managing Partner at Talisman Advisory Partners, a brand new recruitment services business based in Los Angeles. Rory previously served as Head of West Coast Business at GQR Global Markets for six years, leading a division of cross-functional specialists teams in renewable […]

Episode 301: The Role of the CHRO and Employee Well-Being podcast is part of a series on the Workology Podcast focused on the role and responsibilities of the Chief Human Resources Officer, or CHRO. The CHRO is an executive or C-level role that deals with managing human resources, as well as with organizational development and implementing policies of change […]

Back Together Again: CATK in the Motor City Torin and Julie are back together again for the first time in person since 2019. We joined so many amazing podcasters to celebrate Symphony Talent’s Joy Roadshow! We catch up on dumb, even unitentionally, tweets from Warton IO, Adam Grant. Bad police officers spoil the bunch, Julie is always […]

#320: Can Companies Force Employees to Get Vaccinated? w/ Ivan D. Smith

HR Chat podcast this HRchat, we consider the legal requirements and implications for returning to work in vaccinated countries. Listen as we consider if businesses can legally mandate Covid vaccinations and how unions could respond. Seemingly successful COVID-19 vaccination programs in the US, Canada, Israel, the UEA, Hungary, the UK, and elsewhere means […]

Episode 179 – Jon & Wendy talk to Rocki Howard’re joined by Rocki Howard, Chief Diversity Officer of Smart Recruiters in Jacksonville, FL.  We discuss her path to recruiting, what she believes organizations will be focused on when it comes to diversity and recruiting over the next few years, and what Rocki is doing with her “The Voices of […]

The Value of Education as a Recruiter with Adrian Russo Value of Education as a Recruiter with Adrian Russo   Episode 180: Show Notes. Adrian Russo is the Director of Talent Acquisition at MotoRefi. Adrian also has a Master’s degree in Information Systems, and this in-depth understanding has helped him stand out as a tech recruiter. In today’s episode, […]

Payroll in the Middle East with Diana Geldenhuys #63 in the Middle East with Diana Geldenhuys #63 Nick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast sofa by Diana Geldenhuys! Diana aquired gulfHR when she saw the need for efficient and cost-effective services in HR and Payroll for the Middle East. As the CEO of both gulfHR and OPS […]