HR Works 75: The Importance of Stress Resilience in the Workplace want you to imagine an organization filled with just the right combination of top-quality talent. By all measures, these are the people who should be delivering quality results. Now imagine that both the work and the work environment are stress filled. Instead of delivering results, those stressed out employees […]

178 – Rapid Rewiring: How to Improve Your Confidence and Mental Health Using Positive Self-Talk, Ft. Michele Molitor guest for this week is Michele Molitor, executive confidence coach, career growth expert, bestselling author, and founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting, Inc., a coaching and consulting company. Michele’s named her methods Rapid Rewiring, as they are based on the principles of the Rapid Transformational Therapy, pioneered by the […]

HRchat #80: Recruitment Tech and Dragons’ Den w/ Caitlyn Ngu, HireUp

hr gazette this episode of the HRchat show Bill Banham talks with Caitlyn Ngu, Founder and CEO of HireUp – a centralized database of video resumes.  Recently featured on Dragon’s Den, HireUp helps to remove restrictions of time and space from the interview process, allowing candidates to interview anytime, anywhere.  Go […]

46: Leading with Heart in 2019 this episode, Heather shares the highlights from 2018 guest interviews and foreshadows for listeners what 2019 will look like. She shares that she will be publishing a book bases off of the principles in this podcast and also has a special request for listeners.  Go to podcast/show page

We’re Only Human 47: Using Mission-Focused Learning to Improve Learner Engagement research from CLO Media shows that the number one performance metric reported by Chief Learning Officers for learning initiatives is employee engagement. But is this the right metric? Does engagement truly encapsulate how people learn, the impact on the business, and other critical factors?  To answer this question, host […]

HRSocialHour Wonder Women Episode 5 – Wendy & Anne talk to Tamara Rasberry In this episode of #HRWonderWomen, Wendy & Anne talk with their good friend Tamara Raspberry. We talk about the importance of the words you choose and how can we as HR professionals start normalizing conversations around mental health.   Who is Tamara reading? Sarah Morgan and Margaret Spence.   Connect […]

Ep. 75: How HR leaders can shape the future of work. workforce is changing, and we must change with it. In fact, HR is going through the same disruption as Marketing went through 10-15 years ago with the rise of technology. “HR departments that grasp the value of the ‘digital workforce experience’ and its role in keeping people happy, productive, […]

Activity to Outcome: How to form your D&I Strategy organizations have goals to be diverse, inclusive, and fair, but find that their good intentions do not lead to the wanted outcomes. This podcast features Judith Williams Head of People Sustainability and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at SAP. From her experiences leading D&I, Judith shares ideas for building […]