Episode 280: Using Technology to Bridge the Disability Employment Gap

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/workology/ep-280-using_technology_to_bridge_the_disability_employment_gap.mp3This episode of the Workology Podcast is part of our Future of Work series powered by PEAT, the Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology. PEAT works to start conversations around how emerging workplace technology trends are impacting people with disabilities. Episode 280: Using Technology to Bridge the Disability Employment Gap […]

HR Works Podcast 141: Evolving Benefits in an Evolving World

http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/1030010038-user-600361765-hr-works-podcast-141-evolving-benefits-in-an-evolving-world.mp3Today’s podcast is part of the HR Daily Advisor’s HR Employee Benefits Week (https://interactive.blr.com/Employee-Benefits-Week-2021/schedule-2926SW-81071W.html)which takes place all this week of April 19th. We’ll be offering unique and exciting content every day this week discussing, you guessed it, employee benefits. We’ll be examining everything from how the need for benefits has […]

165: Leaders with Heart Show Grace – Eddy Badrina

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/leadershipwithheart/Eddy_Badrina.mp3?dest-id=689901In this episode, Heather interviews Eddy Badrina, CEO of Eden Green and Co-founder of Buzzshift. This 20-minute podcast is filled with insightful information about his innovative company Eden Green and what it takes to be a leader. Eddy attributes most of his leadership values to his parents, who immigrated from […]

The Recruitment Flex – Brad DiPaolo from Candidate Hub

recruitment flex podcast

https://anchor.fm/s/1c688154/podcast/play/31785910/https://d3ctxlq1ktw2nl.cloudfront.net/staging/2021-04-20/e874952f558955b8c6088280b8ab5eca.m4aThis week we welcome Brad DiPaolo CEO of Candidate Hub. We find out if Brad is the source of many of Serge’s emotional scars around HR! We deep dive on Candidate Hub and why nurture marketing to candidates is especially critical in this economy. We also try to figure out […]

HR Market Watch 27 – How Has COVID Impacted the Independent Workforce?

https://www.blogtalkradio.com/steve-boese/2021/04/19/hr-market-watch-27–how-has-covid-impacted-the-independent-workforce.mp3Host: George LaRocque Guest: Shahar Erez, CEO of Stoke Talent WorkTech founder George LaRocque looks at the latest data on the independent workforce, aka the contingent workforce. An already rising trend, its adoption has been accelerated by COVID like so many things. About half of the US workforce is currently or […]

“Which areas of the business should a new HR Leader oversee?” with Christofer Peterson

https://employeecycle.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/EC-Christofer-Peterson-1.mp3 Christofer Peterson, SVP of People and Culture at Dagger, discusses which areas of the business should a new HR Leader oversee? Welcome our guest Christofer Peterson, we’re excited to have them on! We discuss which areas of the business should a new HR Leader oversee. If you just realized […]

160: Hurdling Fear and Adversity with John Register

https://chtbl.com/track/28153E/traffic.libsyn.com/secure/hrbooks/Punk_Rock_HR_161_r2.mp3?dest-id=656387My guest this week is John Register, a change-mindset warrior who helps business leaders and individuals overcome adversity and fear, embrace a “new normal” mindset and win at life. John is one of those people who has an inspirational story that leaves you feeling ready to transform your outlook on […]

Employee Engagement Lives On Teams, But Teams Need Support Too

http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/1032479800-ninetothrivehr-employee-engagement-lives-on-teams-but-teams-need-support-too.mp3Team members who believe they are receiving the support they need from their leaders are 20x more likely to be fully engaged. But how do you give team leaders what they need to support their teams? Amy Leschke-Kahle discusses how to find where the work is actually happening and why […]

The CandEs Shop Talk With Anoop Gupta (#137)

http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/1032165826-candeshoptalk-the-candes-shop-talk-with-anoop-gupta-137.mp3The CandEs Shop Talk Podcast welcomes Anoop Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO at SeekOut, an AI-powered talent search engine that enables talent acquisition teams to understand any talent pool and quickly find the talent they need — with a focus on diversity, technical expertise, and other hard-to-find skillsets — and a […]

Career Bytes Ep 2: Jay Polaki in conversation with Jeff Perry

Go to Podcast/show page Episode 2 – Jay Polaki, Founder and CEO of Career Acers (www.careeracers.com) in conversation with Jeff Perry, a leadership/career coach for engineers and CEO of More Than Engineering.   Reach Jay on Social:  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jpolaki/ Twitter: @jaypolaki https://twitter.com/jaypolaki  FaceBook: @JayPolaki https://www.facebook.com/JayPolaki/  Instagram: @jay.polaki https://www.instagram.com/jay.polaki/     […]

Marines —> McKinsey —> VC-Backed Startup (Recruit Rockstars 391)

strong suit podcast

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/strongsuit/Recruit_Rockstars_Podcast_Episode_391.mp3?dest-id=356226Frank Furman was destined to lead. First, as an Infantry Officer in the US Marine Corps. Then as a strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company And now, he’s Chief Operating Officer of the VC-backed & fast-growing PadSplit. PadSplit is disrupting the affordable housing industry by creating safe, attractive, and respectable […]

Grace Tyson Co-Founder of Luma

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/rectech/Ep229-GraceTyson.mp3?dest-id=728742Luma is a new interview intelligence platform, which recently launched to help businesses run more intentional interviews and make better hiring decisions. Joining me to discuss the platform is their CEO Grace Tyson Lumateams.com Go To Podcast Page/Show Notes Subscribe to RecTech Episodes ABOUT: Hosted by industry veteran, Chris Russell, […]